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Funeral Services

We will be there for you, like a member of the family.

Sometimes the thought of planning a funeral seems too difficult for those who’ve suffered a loss. We’re here to help lighten your burden and remind you of the true value a ceremony can hold for you and your family.

The Healing Power of Memorial Services

Coping with a loss is never easy, and services are an essential part of the recovery process. A funeral service provides those who are grieving with a supportive environment in which they can begin to find closure, say goodbye, and come to terms with the loss. Gathering with friends and family gives everyone the opportunity to connect, share memories, offer words of sympathy, and create a lasting network of comfort and support as they start the journey toward healing and peace. No matter the setting, style, or direction you choose, our professional staff are honored to assist you in creating a service that reflects your loved one’s unique life journey.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Arrangement conference with family or representative for funeral arrangements
  • Transfer of the deceased to funeral home from place of death
  • Sheltering of remains (in compliance with government mandated regulations by FTC, ADA, OSHA and the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing
  • Care and preparation of the deceased
  • Preparation and filing of legal papers and placing obituary and funeral notices in newspapers
  • Coordination with cemetery, crematory or other facilities involved in the final resting place of the decedent
  • Arranging flowers, luncheon, catering and monuments
  • Securing necessary permits and death certificates
  • Coordinating all details with the clergy, honorary guards, etc.
  • Use of funeral home, equipment and staff for funeral ceremony, memorial service, viewing, or visitation.
  • All necessary arrangements for transportation, funeral service, and burial if the deceased is to be sent to a distant location